All about LADA – Diabetes Type 1.5

Latent AutoImmune Diabetes in Adults, also known as LADA and Diabetes 1.5, is considered a “rare” form of diabetes that is a lot more common than you might think. It’s features cause it to appear as a blend between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, which often results in misdiagnosis. In this video, I cover the characteristics of LADA, how it’s identified, and how it’s treated.

How Eating Cherries Can Help With Your Gout

You might not think a little cherry can do much when a gout flare up occurs, but you’d be surprised. It’s a powerful weapon against this painful condition.

Running Shoes for Overpronators

You should know your options when considering shoes for overpronation. The best way to achieve this is to become familiar with the wide range of running shoes for overpronation.

The Top Reasons To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Our feet take a beating on a regular basis, often not considered and lacking the care we should be giving them, or ignoring them when they’re trying to tell us something. Foot pain is the way our feet let us know that we’re doing something wrong or ignoring a problem.

Foot Pain: A Response to Uncomfortable Shoes

Foot pain is often a response to the shoes you are wearing. Many people don’t realize that the shoes we wear are often the problem behind a myriad of problems that your feet can develop; everything from corns and calluses to bunions and hammertoes. The foot has 26 bones and many muscles, tendons and ligaments that are all subject to damage when wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Don’t Give Up – Cure Nail Fungus at Home

It is simple to cure nail fungus at home when you have the right medication at your fingertips. You really don’t need to have your treatment done by your doctor; as long as you can be consistent with your medication you’ll find that home treatment is easy and comfortable.

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