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  • La japonesa se excita con los camioneros ✅😘✌

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  • Có tiếng nhạc Việt

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  • 3:49 and 10:40 are the same

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  • 5:50 Please tell me you don't actually listen to that a crap.

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  • 0:37 The gold car guy should consider himself lucky that he only has popped tires.

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  • 0 have one some die

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  • 0 have one some die

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  • 3:38 have one some die

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  • ...и в Америку приезжают ишаки...

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  • Kinh vl .(((

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  • 5:50 Best rollover music ever

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  • Dude. These are all reruns.

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  • Defensive Driving, Always.

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  • God

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  • 0:38 anyone else see the motorbike in all the debris on the road flying by?

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    • I see to

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  • The guy on the Motorcycle and the red striped truck Does not need to be on another bike. What a Bafon Green light or not,. Like he couldn't see that big ass truck coming.?

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  • 2:33 - Someone's not getting their deposit back...

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  • its sad and funny at the same time but mostly sad to see stupid people using cars and trucks the wrong way....

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  • 壓死

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  • 3:58 magic truck can disapier

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  • 8:31 estaban escuchando "volume up" de 4 minute.

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  • 9:24 surprise MF

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  • And to think all the US commercial truckers were hired for having a spotless record with no DUIs !!!

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  • 12:35 Sei un criminale. Il camionista intendo.

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  • Xem xong sợ không dám ra đường

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  • 0.30 oh yeah Vietnamese

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  • fuck you

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  • 10:32 se jodio el futuro de los niños

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  • " Если твоё имя начинается на ( А ) ставь лайк"

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  • El tráiler Azul callo para do ooooooooooo q crac😎😎😎😎te felisito amigo ja😸

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  • 3:31 god of shiva turned into truck by reincarnation.

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    • طيز امك

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  • sao nc ngoài đi ngu vậy

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  • До сих пор с печалью думал, что только на дорожных просторах моей любимой необъятной Родины столько кретинов. Ан нет! Их хватает везде, во всём мире. Похоже, автодороги каким-то таинственным и необъяснимым образом притягивают к себе дураков, где бы они не находились.

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  • Destroy Hard Drive and computers @

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  • real gta 5

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  • No mames

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  • 3:57 Welp, that guy is dead

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    • Dead again at 10:48

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  • คลิปดีแต่เน็ตผมห่วยมาก

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  • 8:45 That is a very efficient transfer of load from one vehicle to another

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  • Việt nam like

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  • 3:41 Une trentaine de rétros latéraux, c'est bien mais regarder ce qui se passe devant, c'est mieux ...

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  • بسوقو وهم سكرانين

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  • 2:38 lol, kawhi's laugh.. 😂

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  • I cant belive that all this videos are real. How many people have a camera on board that is always recording? i thing that is unbelievable and the other thing is that some videos are from the same camera. How often in your live can you record an acident that hapent in the same moment when you are there i think its imposible.

    Filippos FFilippos F29 hari yang lalu
    • I believe it’s the trend that big rigs and delivery trucks have cameras for legal/liability reasons. You’ll also note that many of them record the speed of the truck. This ensures that drivers are accountable.

      adaptiveagileadaptiveagile27 hari yang lalu
  • 8:50 Comment dételer rapidement une semi remorque . . .

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  • Overloaded...and too high..... And inattention.... But then there's the smaller autos, usually taking chances, that cause lotsa problems.

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  • Mayhem has a lot of agents on the road.

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  • what was that ? 1:00

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    • I would guess strong side winds

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  • “I always have catastrophes when I travel..” says the radio at just the right moment.. You have now entered TheTwilight Zone.

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  • triste para las personas que se salvaron de morir y los otros los que no se salvaron descanse en paz por con dios estan bien los cuida mas alado de ellos

  • gente que no saber conducir ni trabajar bien y tan bien se desmayan por exceso de trabajo y muchas cosas mas que provocan un accidente fatal

  • People need to learn how to drive better

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  • were is here +18 ?

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  • 10:09 I know its horrible, but what the guy says on the radio as that happens, lmfao.

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  • 0:33 in 🇻🇳

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  • "Oh shit!" - and then just keep on driving instead of calling help for the car accident victims! Mankind is retarded.

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  • More dimwitted truck drivers taking peoples lives

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    • anto bideo estanbiecopado

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  • 7:37 Let me just honk my horn at a semi that just flipped. It’ll surly do something.

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    • That's what you do when there's danger to warn other vehicles.....

      Thomas Brand musicThomas Brand music16 hari yang lalu
    • Probably a reflex reaction.

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    • This is to alert the driver that he's fucked

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  • At 3:50 my first thought was ‘teleportation?’ And then I realized that it’s a bridge🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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  • I saw a lot of Czech clips in this video

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    • Russian most likely they drive like Putin

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  • Someone fell completely off a bridge

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  • 2:09 Dk what that was but it was lowkey satisfying watching him drive over it lol

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    • corn

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  • 12:30 knowing that car will try and turn in front of his rig, floors the pedal to block the car from *cutting* him and puts even more vehicles/lives at risk, stupid move just slow down a little for 10 seconds let it pass and blast the horn, be the better driver!

    EMMOzone RiderEMMOzone RiderBulan Yang lalu
  • автор такой не внимательный ) одну и ту же аварию 2 раза показвл)

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  • Lấy video 0:40 của vn kìa :))

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  • Đụ má có tiếng tàu cảu

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  • Semi at 1:29 said: “MOVE BITCH!! get out da way”

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