Beauty and the Beast 2017- Ballroom Dance Scene (Tale As Old As Time)

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  • This is my golden jubilee song 50 years

    Jyoti GhaiJyoti Ghai2 hari yang lalu
  • All time fav 😍

    Arien CtkArien Ctk5 hari yang lalu
  • I cant wait to dance with my true love while listening to this song

    SusheipSusheip6 hari yang lalu
  • awful dress

    Jblack89Jblack899 hari yang lalu
  • 2:19 the visuals blew my breath away in the cinema. One of the most beautiful songs ever, and boy oh boy the live action took an already amazing original film and made it even greater. Just a gorgeous film

    Ash ArcherAsh Archer10 hari yang lalu
  • this dress. everything.

    Astari NovianeAstari Noviane11 hari yang lalu
  • I didn’t really expect to cry bc of this song but here I am

    Pia MichellePia Michelle11 hari yang lalu

    Sansa StarkSansa Stark12 hari yang lalu
  • I really love this song..... Since childhood.... It touch my heart. ..

    Serri marakSerri marak13 hari yang lalu
  • 1:10

    PS4 Games clipsPS4 Games clips13 hari yang lalu
  • Was I the only one crying at the cinema when this scene came? Cause it brings so much nostalgia

    anton spineanton spine15 hari yang lalu
    • anton spine I was crying during this scene too and during the transformation scene

      Gabriella DiazGabriella Diaz14 hari yang lalu
  • I love this movie but I was so disappointed with Emma’s dress compared to Lily James’ Cinderella...

    Rhiannon and UkuleleRhiannon and Ukulele18 hari yang lalu
  • All i see is Hermione Granger hiding her wand behind a yellow dress.

    I Gotcha TuberI Gotcha Tuber19 hari yang lalu
  • Aww I’m in love with this scene! It’s beautiful and omg belle/Emma Watson is so fucking stunning in the yellow dress. I just absolutely adore this scene so much😍 give this movie a fuckin Oscar😉😍

    Olivia JonesOlivia Jones19 hari yang lalu
  • Lumiere looks like he’s really into the song lol. And I love his smile at 0.56

    Through the Telescope!Through the Telescope!21 hari yang lalu
  • Worse singing movie than Bohemian Rhapsody

    Diego PisfilDiego Pisfil22 hari yang lalu
  • That Dress Is So Simple The One In The Animation Is Very Elegant And Beautiful I’m Kinda Disappointed But the Movie Was Good Since It Had The Beautiful Emma Watson And The Romance Was Slow And Beautiful

    Mann HellMann Hell24 hari yang lalu
  • i loved this movie and i still do

    bubba Wichitabubba Wichita25 hari yang lalu
  • The only thing I like about this is Emma Thompson's singing

    Shao MarkShao Mark27 hari yang lalu
  • Is that satan?

    ConcarneConcarne28 hari yang lalu
  • disney: like dreamworks: comment

    nightmarelessnightmareless28 hari yang lalu
  • This scene is so romantic!! I can watch it over and over again!! *sigh* 😍🥀✨

    Emma MEmma M29 hari yang lalu
  • I am not crying, you are crying

    Mafalda SilvaMafalda SilvaBulan Yang lalu
  • Emma Watson is so beautiful! 😍

    Scissors BoiScissors BoiBulan Yang lalu
  • It's so beautiful 😍😍

    Hercai Rey&MirHercai Rey&MirBulan Yang lalu
  • I am honestly astonished by how romantic this scene is my heart is fluttering!

    Donna MoralesDonna MoralesBulan Yang lalu
  • their dance is beautiful in the castle

    DiegoCroacia HernandezDiegoCroacia HernandezBulan Yang lalu
  • My all time favorite Disney movie,this song makes me tear up each time I listen to it💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Trisha 546778Trisha 546778Bulan Yang lalu
  • This is a beautiful song sung by an excellent singer it was Marvelously done, but I am still partial to when Dame Angela Lansbury Sang this song in the animated version.

    Thomas HalizakThomas HalizakBulan Yang lalu
  • Why do I love this fairytale and movie some much

    Amber RandhawaAmber RandhawaBulan Yang lalu
  • who sings this version?

    Brian SounalathBrian SounalathBulan Yang lalu
    • Hi Brian Emma Thompwon sings this version as tale as old as time!!

      andross51andross51Bulan Yang lalu
    • angela lainsberry?

      Brian SounalathBrian SounalathBulan Yang lalu
  • Sentimentos são? Kkkkk

    Eric TEric TBulan Yang lalu
  • Still love this part and I love this song

    bubba Wichitabubba WichitaBulan Yang lalu
  • 2:22

  • 1:46

  • Who gave Emma permission to hold the Beast’s hands while she played Belle?

    MBart MBartMBart MBartBulan Yang lalu
  • I loved the beast💓

    Sreekutty SreeSreekutty SreeBulan Yang lalu
  • could have been a better movie.. too bad this actress has an acting skill equal to a sack of potatoes. worst casting ever. it didn't feel like she was belle. she was more like hermaionie..

    War RiorWar RiorBulan Yang lalu
  • 2019??

    I am Anindita_OfcI am Anindita_OfcBulan Yang lalu
  • The original had much more heart, it was literally a piece of artwork the music and animation was perfect tbh. I know why Disney are remaking all these films though 2 reasons. A) very few new ideas and B) 💰💰💰

    David KnightDavid KnightBulan Yang lalu
  • 1 of the best songs in all of Disney

    Conor BarnwallConor BarnwallBulan Yang lalu
  • It is magical

    Fairy FairiesFairy FairiesBulan Yang lalu
  • 2019 anyone?!!

    Ellie PerksEllie PerksBulan Yang lalu
  • The cutest of all the antiques is Mrs. Pot.

  • This song is very simple, yet captivating, Very quiet, yet buzzing with life, Very slow, yet makes our heart beat fast, This song is a good example that a song need not be complex to touch the hearts of people, need not have loads of instruments, need not have complex patterns, just that the singer should sing with his/her whole heart.

    APARNA GORLIAPARNA GORLI2 bulan yang lalu
  • If there is one thing I don’t like, it would have to be the lack of emotion during the dancing. In the animated version, it showed their smiles and how happy they were with each other. In this one, both Belle and the Beast didn’t show much of anything. It felt kind of bland without the emotion

    Spiderninja1Spiderninja12 bulan yang lalu
  • I’m sorry but when they were at the stairs her dress looked like plastic

    Dead MemeDead Meme2 bulan yang lalu
  • This version is version is better than the original! *FIGHT ME*

    breanna Solisbreanna Solis2 bulan yang lalu
  • gosh, i really want a romance like this. i love this scene so much, and i’d die if a guy dipped me and picked me up like that at 2:19 ndnskshdksb

    Elizabeth Schuyler HamiltonElizabeth Schuyler Hamilton2 bulan yang lalu
  • ❤️

    Luana CastroLuana Castro2 bulan yang lalu
  • Am I the only one that thinks this is FAR SUPERIOR AND MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL than the original waltz ?

    Callum Fitz-PatrickCallum Fitz-Patrick2 bulan yang lalu
  • I was bawling my eyes out at this point in the film.

    lovecuthbertlovecuthbert2 bulan yang lalu
  • it's not the beast it's the baphomet dancing in there

    Andrea FuentesAndrea Fuentes2 bulan yang lalu
  • Why is the movie bashed so hard. I think it's great.

    Zane LongsharksZane Longsharks2 bulan yang lalu
  • Is it just me, or are they in Hogwarts?

    Dan HurlDan Hurl2 bulan yang lalu

    Sara Di ValerioSara Di Valerio2 bulan yang lalu
  • This is what was supposed to happen with Me and Blake?

    Adam TaurusAdam Taurus2 bulan yang lalu
  • It’s too formal, they don’t look like they even know each other. Song isn’t so good either. Original version always.

    XenonXenon2 bulan yang lalu
  • I think this version is the best ....

    Schnee RazSchnee Raz2 bulan yang lalu
  • Moral of the story: No matter hiw ugly you are if you are rich you can get the hottest babes

    Acean HUNAcean HUN2 bulan yang lalu
  • This scene is magical but I believe her dress should be little twirly like in the cindrella

    Neelakshi ManhasNeelakshi Manhas2 bulan yang lalu
  • I love this scene. But I think the original Tale as Old as time was more incredible, but this version is also excellent

    Nadhiya NâtalineNadhiya Nâtaline2 bulan yang lalu
  • Beast

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge2 bulan yang lalu
  • Not a dry eye in that theater.

    Slim KimSlim Kim2 bulan yang lalu
  • Me encanta el vestido ❤❤ es una esena q siempre la voy a repetir 10000 veces la mejor pelicula del mundo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Pauli_Chan UwUPauli_Chan UwU2 bulan yang lalu
  • I always see Emma as Hermione Granger!!!!!

    lori carpenterlori carpenter2 bulan yang lalu
  • Jesus we are going to dance this on a role play fack

    Corpsez Playz StuffCorpsez Playz Stuff2 bulan yang lalu
  • Better than the original ❤️😍😍😍❤️ Emma Watson did a great job 😍😍

    LMN DpriorLMN Dprior2 bulan yang lalu
  • The way that the lights shine like stars was simply beautiful. Truly romantic.

    Santecia PriceSantecia Price2 bulan yang lalu
  • The original is better

    ThorThor2 bulan yang lalu
  • Belle's dress is beautiful

    Michaella BraidMichaella Braid2 bulan yang lalu
  • Yeaa emma's gown was good. But I think they could make her gown prettier after seeing cinderella's I was a lil disappointed

    Brent AnchetaBrent Ancheta2 bulan yang lalu
  • Such a beautiful remake

    Cosmicbunghole334Cosmicbunghole3342 bulan yang lalu
  • Cuando tienes mas vistas que suscriptores

    Juan BernalJuan Bernal2 bulan yang lalu
  • When you realize the cartoon dress was better

    KissedLies MSPKissedLies MSP2 bulan yang lalu
  • Emma is is so beautiful. I honestly don't like the dress. Emma made that dress look good. 😭 I see those types of dresses in stores all of the time.

    flower petalflower petal2 bulan yang lalu
  • 2:25

    hubbyamberhubbyamber3 bulan yang lalu
  • Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie, and Belle was always my favorite Disney princess. To see this movie come to life with characters I knew and loved was.... beyond amazing.

    Sophie HudspethSophie Hudspeth3 bulan yang lalu
  • Anyone else amused by the fact that Legion was the Beast and now Farook is going to be the Sultan?

    steelersguy74steelersguy743 bulan yang lalu
  • краю по русски( ( хочу поверить в сказку ....

    William Bill the Butcher CuttingWilliam Bill the Butcher Cutting3 bulan yang lalu
  • This song is always emotional

    Conor BarnwallConor Barnwall3 bulan yang lalu
  • ❤️

    Susi RSusi R3 bulan yang lalu
  • No... the dress.. no...

    lili elizelili elize3 bulan yang lalu
  • I am amazed by the dance and the fact Dan Stevens did the whole thing on stilts!

    Nikki VillemaireNikki Villemaire3 bulan yang lalu
  • This Live Action was in no way better than the original but it did it justice for my favorite childhood disney movie.

    floofy corazonfloofy corazon3 bulan yang lalu
  • Entirely fake and stiff, you can feel the choreography through the entire dance

    KbMKbM3 bulan yang lalu
  • Tale as old as time True as it can be Barely even friends Then somebody bends Unexpectedly Just a little change Small to say the least Both a little scared Neither one prepared Beauty and the Beast Ever just the same Ever a surprise Ever as before And ever just as sure As the sun will rise, woah Ever just the same, oh And ever a surprise, yeah Ever as before And ever just as sure As the sun will rise Oh-oh-ooh Tale as old as time, a-a-ay Tune as old as song, oh Bitter-sweet and strange Finding you can change Learning you were wrong, woah Certain as the sun Certain as the sun Rising in the east Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the Beast Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the Beast Woah a-a-ay Beauty and Beauty and the Beast

    Rina MarlinaRina Marlina3 bulan yang lalu
  • Angela Lansbury's version will always be my favorite....#MyChildhood

    K WarnerK Warner3 bulan yang lalu
  • Initially I was not sure of Emma's portrayal of Belle but its not that bad, the lighting in this version is admittedly strong than the animated version but have to remember the animated version was completely hand drawn and I think for that reason it will still remain my personal favourite and because it was when disney was at the top of its game

    Timsalt3100Timsalt31003 bulan yang lalu
  • Belle is not wearing her iconic yellow gloves, it would be far more elegant and if the kept dress with nude shoulders. This dress looks nice only when its moving. I know its harder to act than to draw & animate 2D, but simply... Its emotionless. They could at least make Dan here wear the complete Beast costume, that way Emma would also have better expression and emotion, not just to 'imagine' (like Be Our Guest) The hug from 2:14 is just too damn robotic. Ofc this will never beat the original.

    Nenad PopovicNenad Popovic3 bulan yang lalu
  • A girl like you with brown hair

    Amanda CousinsAmanda Cousins3 bulan yang lalu
  • This movie made me cry but it filled my heart with happiness

    Juana CoronaJuana Corona3 bulan yang lalu
  • This is one of the rare cases were live action is better than the original

    Hong GaoHong Gao3 bulan yang lalu
  • Eh, i like cinderella dance more This is good too

    Hulkavegur !Hulkavegur !3 bulan yang lalu
  • Hermione is that youu??Why are you dancing withh a beast instead of Ron?🤔lol i'm just kidding..this is my favourite scene of all's so *beautiful* and i wish i could wear belle's gown😍❤ Oh and..any *potterheads* ?

    Khaleesa ZKhaleesa Z4 bulan yang lalu
  • Stockholm Syndrome

    Ryan ChanRyan Chan4 bulan yang lalu
  • That dress made her looks like a typical... maid.

    Alfx 98Alfx 984 bulan yang lalu
  • Tale as old as time True as it can be Barely even friends Then somebody bends Unexpectedly Just a little change Small to say the least Both a little scared Neither one prepared Beauty and the beast Ever just the same Ever a surprise Ever as before and ever just as sure as the sun will rise Ever just the same Ever a surprise Ever as before Ever just as sure As the sun will rise Tale as old as time Tune as old as song Bittersweet and strange Finding you can change Learning you were wrong Certain as the sun Certain as the sun Rising in the east Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the beast Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Beauty and the beast Beauty and the beast

    Naiyru S.Naiyru S.4 bulan yang lalu
  • Am I the only one who wants this song to be played in their weeding day?

    Leslie CastielLeslie Castiel4 bulan yang lalu
    • Me too

      Ayelita SiddiquiAyelita Siddiqui3 bulan yang lalu
  • Her dress😍😍😍😍😍😍... I want it..❤❤ And i wish a prince like him in my life too😃😃

    Vidhi SinghVidhi Singh4 bulan yang lalu
Beauty and the Beast 2017- Ballroom Dance Scene (Tale As Old As Time)