Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

A thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, “Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, “Aladdin” is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.” The film stars Will Smith as the Genie; Mena Massoud as Aladdin; Naomi Scott as Jasmine; Marwan Kenzari as Jafar; Navid Negahban as the Sultan; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia and Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders.

“Aladdin” is produced by Dan Lin, p.g.a., and Jonathan Eirich, p.g.a., with Kevin De La Noy and Marc Platt serving as executive producers. Eight-time Academy Award®-winning composer Alan Menken provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Oscar®-winning lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and includes two new songs written by Menken and lyrics by Oscar and Tony Award®-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

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    Yogesh RainkwalYogesh Rainkwal4 menit yang lalu
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    Elton GamersElton Gamers9 menit yang lalu

    my imaginationmy imagination13 menit yang lalu
  • Why is Mia Khalifa not in this?

    Quacc DogQuacc Dog30 menit yang lalu
  • One of Disney’s best live-action remakes! I felt like a kid when I watched it and I really loved Jasmine’s character development! The casting is perfect. Definitely worth watching ❤️

    Claire AvisoClaire Aviso31 menit yang lalu
  • Wow, great movie reboot! Handsome Aladdin! ❤

    Mom & FhiMom & Fhi32 menit yang lalu
  • This movie was awesome and everyone that was having a go about casting and a blue genie can keep their day jobs and stay out of movies productions

    ldn22 O.ldn22 O.38 menit yang lalu
  • Aladin Movie look like Indian Bollywood movie !!!!!!

    Samadhan KhandagleSamadhan Khandagle41 menit yang lalu

  • I just watched it yesterday

    Nikashaynelle's PlaytubeNikashaynelle's Playtube56 menit yang lalu
  • Who has seen the movie and came back to see the trailers again?

    Jayden MarvelJayden MarvelJam Yang lalu
  • Nice

    Naresh BelwanshiNaresh BelwanshiJam Yang lalu
  • I just watch it today and it was an amazing movie!

    hukma shabiyyahukma shabiyyaJam Yang lalu
  • Definitely A whole new world ♥️✨ I love this movie so much 11/10 ✨🧞‍♂️

    Haven SalvatoreHaven SalvatoreJam Yang lalu
  • I just got the chills when they sang a whole new world. The nostolgia is real guys

    • summer angel •• summer angel •Jam Yang lalu
  • I saw this yesterday at the cinema and is THE BEST film iv EVER seeeeen ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    aimee gameraimee gamerJam Yang lalu
  • สนุก

  • This film does not represent Arabs at all

    futoon almanhlifutoon almanhliJam Yang lalu
  • I've watched this movie. This movie is absolutely wonderful. The casts are perfect and the plot too. You guys should watch it!!! 💯🔥💯💯

    Jejes_ EltiraJejes_ EltiraJam Yang lalu
  • My God.....Nice remake "thanks to eugene"

    SuPRO MidasSuPRO MidasJam Yang lalu
  • Very nice movie

    karuna moorthykaruna moorthyJam Yang lalu
  • Trash movie

    Arab Fortnite BoiArab Fortnite BoiJam Yang lalu
  • I love the movie. Really

    Alykate QuevaszAlykate QuevaszJam Yang lalu
  • i just watched it and it was soooo good. 10/10👏🏻

    nr syaabila.nr syaabila.2 jam yang lalu
  • Trailer was lier. You dont believe in it. The movie was more than expecting. Everything was perfected from casts, music, and scenes. Score: 10/10.

    hong kimhong kim2 jam yang lalu
  • It's rewind time!!

    NaufalNaufal2 jam yang lalu
  • Me after watch this movie : speechless

    Fadhila AmaniFadhila Amani2 jam yang lalu
  • In Pakistan, theres a theme park called “Aladdin” and I’ve went to it, but we pronounce it “Ala-DEEN”, ye, it weird. (Btw my parents are from Pakistan, not me,Im from America úwù

    lustful oceanixlustful oceanix2 jam yang lalu
  • Great film if you haven’t watched it you definitely need to watch it such a twister

    Iram MahmoodIram Mahmood2 jam yang lalu
  • Osm movie

    Mohit SharmaMohit Sharma2 jam yang lalu
  • they look so indian!!

    Des troyerDes troyer2 jam yang lalu
  • Here after watched the movie and gonna watch it again tomorrow. It's SO GOOD!

    Tessa HerondaleTessa Herondale2 jam yang lalu
  • Grock Mobile legends??

    Riefqi HadiRiefqi Hadi2 jam yang lalu
  • i’ve already watched this twice in theaters and i can’t express how much i loved it and how much it exceeded my expectations. disney was clever for making the trailer so people had low expectations bc it beyond amazed me. the female empowerment, new modern storyline, new twists on songs + new song, visual effects, comedic scenes and will smith as genie (despite initial controversy) was absolutely amazing 🤩🤩🤩 i might even have to go watch it a third time

    Emily NguyenEmily Nguyen3 jam yang lalu
  • Now you all Love it what a miracle 🤗

    geboinzki .Iman28geboinzki .Iman283 jam yang lalu
  • Kimi Hime Its you?

    Kim Hyun-KiKim Hyun-Ki3 jam yang lalu
  • Wow So nice

    Jeet MkJeet Mk3 jam yang lalu
  • O my god will Smith...love u

    bhagyashri suklabhagyashri sukla3 jam yang lalu
  • I've watched this movie twice though😂 I mean, it's that amazing and Aladdin is such a charming guy😍

    Beany BeanBeany Bean3 jam yang lalu
  • Aladdin or Avengers : Endgame ??? Avengers like Aladdin comment

    Sonia OficialSonia Oficial3 jam yang lalu
  • Heroine damn cute..

    Ram NareshRam Naresh3 jam yang lalu
  • will smith really he is a gennie ,,, always look young .. aladin and jasmine they perfect together..

    dewi dewidewi dewi3 jam yang lalu
  • I just watched this movie yesterday night. It was great 👍 and sorry but Abu is so cute... 😂🐒

    Kpop LoversKpop Lovers3 jam yang lalu
  • Who’s waiting for : The Return of Jafar (live action movie) ?🤗🤗

    Ali S.Ali S.3 jam yang lalu
  • Warning spoiler alert Jafar didn't turn to a snake.

    Owen Kenneth LeeOwen Kenneth Lee3 jam yang lalu
  • i think the most important that disney forget about this movie is the accent!

    Fendy RidwanFendy Ridwan3 jam yang lalu
  • Just watch this I was laughing at when Aladdin was dancing

    Synik XdSynik Xd3 jam yang lalu
  • Why are there so many bots here? Like if you say "i love the film!" And theres oughtta be a person/bot saying "is there a free online version??? Theres gonna be a bot sending a link thats even more fake than facebook facts like wtf????

    Some freaking weirdo in the internetSome freaking weirdo in the internet3 jam yang lalu
  • I'm gonna see it today😁sooo excited

    Raaj GpracRaaj Gprac4 jam yang lalu
  • I don't kknow if its really true but my english teacher saids he was a really close friend with one of the charactera

    간호사A간호사A4 jam yang lalu
  • It was good. Thank goodness. It's absolutely the best live-action Disney film thus far.

    Carm NCarm N4 jam yang lalu
  • I’m pretty sure that genie 🧞‍♂️ is gonna be funny in the movie

    Cupcake GamerCupcake Gamer4 jam yang lalu
  • A must watch movie, everyone! Such a great movie. This should be one of the highest grossing movie.

    Twice cationTwice cation4 jam yang lalu
  • Me encanto

    claudia velardeclaudia velarde4 jam yang lalu
  • At 1:48 it's so beautiful 😖

    RealMike GamingRealMike Gaming4 jam yang lalu
  • Same like animated one

    Jasleen kaurJasleen kaur4 jam yang lalu
  • Will Smith fucked up the movie as the genie ..!! SUCKS ..!! Pissed ..!!!

    6 Fav6 Fav5 jam yang lalu
  • А я была в кино и смотрела

    Mr KillMr Kill5 jam yang lalu
  • Just watched it yesterday with my siblings and I have to say that it was the best decision I have ever made. My sister and brother watched the cartoon version before just to refresh and would like to compare when later watch the action BUT it has different line story and surprisingly very great remake! everything is make sense and I really love Mena and Naomi picturing our disney character. Thank you so mucch. This Aladdin is pretty sure on top of my list of disney live movie

    Nadya Restu MayestikaNadya Restu Mayestika5 jam yang lalu
  • Same story in aladdin cartoon version. My childhood memories

    Nagudu AkhilNagudu Akhil5 jam yang lalu
  • Bro, I can smell the popcorn now...

    cookie levalinecookie levaline5 jam yang lalu
  • 💕 Aladdin2019 💕 filme available * t.co/o3hFw1R7EO?moalkendor-4k It's very funny with a little bit of drama. Felt like true story even though fantsay good comedy humor and action as well as story line. has a mixture of funny,fun,crazy,cool moments.

    NAI 14NAI 145 jam yang lalu
  • No kidding. Once is not enough !! Get ur ticket now!!!!

    Putri JamalPutri Jamal5 jam yang lalu
  • Trailer nya aja udah sebagus ini apalagi film nya

    vilia rachelavilia rachela5 jam yang lalu
  • Yeahh i watch this yesterday at cinema♥️♥️

    Disproportionate PubDisproportionate Pub5 jam yang lalu
  • Walked in thinking I'd hate it, walked out loving it

    - ning- ning6 jam yang lalu
  • Yeh bahubali ki biwi yaha kya kar rahi hai....😂😂

    Vishal KumbharVishal Kumbhar6 jam yang lalu
  • So nice! A incredible film!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Juan Carlos DíazJuan Carlos Díaz6 jam yang lalu
  • الي يعلم انو بطل الفيلم عربي اصل مصري لايك لنشوف العرب ❤

    Yara is yaraYara is yara6 jam yang lalu
  • This is going to be better than beauty and beast!

    Funny Farhan!Funny Farhan!6 jam yang lalu
  • Aladdin was really magical!😭 It awaken the child wo wanted to be a princess in me❤

    BTSis EverythingBTSis Everything6 jam yang lalu
  • debogtv.com/movie/420817/aladdin.html Blueray Realease Blueray!! Here!

    EW NEWSEW NEWS6 jam yang lalu
  • after watching this film I was interested in this film telling about the struggle of the Aladdin to get excited about someone who loved and princess Jasmin while The evil Vizier also pursued the lamp to rule the kingdom. but the flipside that became the sultan was the princess of Jasmin, the princess of Jasmin married to Aladin the man was lucky to get the heart of Princess Jasmin

    Suci Islamia PutriSuci Islamia Putri6 jam yang lalu
  • Lemonade Mouth Moe Now look at her She’s a beautiful princess

    Disco! At the PanicDisco! At the Panic7 jam yang lalu
  • Loved the movie so much..will smith was so funny in genie's character

    vishakha Gaurav singh vishhvishakha Gaurav singh vishh7 jam yang lalu
  • Best movie. Best will smith. Best aladin. Best jasmine. Best abu🤣

    Idham HalimIdham Halim7 jam yang lalu
  • Bad movie, avoid.

    Steven NickSteven Nick7 jam yang lalu
  • Great movie. Great actors. Lesson is don’t ever believe what the critics says. They rate this so low like this is unwatchable.

    jex041489jex0414897 jam yang lalu
  • Loved the movie ❤️ Best out of all the Disney live action remakes. Disney was finally able to seamlessly combine the original songs with the live action. The movie was not exactly like the animated version, but I liked the new changes. I had some doubts about blue Will Smith before entering the movie, but while watching it I realized it fit very well. Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie did awesome acting. Awesome landscape and visual effects. I wish that Jafar could have been more evil/older/creepy, but overall great movie! Good Job Disney 👍

    rmsama1808rmsama18087 jam yang lalu
  • 🤘🤘

    Spardha ThakurSpardha Thakur7 jam yang lalu
  • Tahun ini banyak film bioskop yg keren2 ya. 😍

    siti juariahsiti juariah7 jam yang lalu
  • id-vision.net/detail/video-RAGzvPfB62E.html "Prince Ali song 1992 vs 2019"

    LRuby JaneLRuby Jane7 jam yang lalu
  • This was an amazing movie

    Fluffy PancakesFluffy Pancakes7 jam yang lalu
  • he fine af

    Honey VlogsHoney Vlogs7 jam yang lalu
  • this is the best live adaptation yet from disney the casting is absolutely good

    Ni NiNi Ni8 jam yang lalu
  • A phenomenal remake, some things could have been better but they definitely make up for it. Robin Williams would be so proud

    Sam AlvarezSam Alvarez8 jam yang lalu
  • The movie is pure fun filled with magic the cast are awesome. For those who said that zayn is better alladin your wrong. This Allading guy is amazing.and Jasmines beauty is captivating.

    John Sergio SebasteJohn Sergio Sebaste9 jam yang lalu
  • This movie is better than I thought because of the song . Example the 10 or 9.5 or 9 / 10 of the song , Friend Like Me , Prince Ali , The Whole New World and Speechless .

    Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰9 jam yang lalu
  • Male lead is ugly

    Fantasy StarFantasy Star9 jam yang lalu
  • *Disney* where the magic happens

    The Ace GamingThe Ace Gaming9 jam yang lalu
  • 9/10 omg i love this

    harry malfoyharry malfoy9 jam yang lalu
    • This is the reason why don't judge trailer and clips first . Now , you finally understand .

      Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰9 jam yang lalu
  • Jafar seems too wussy. Needs to be more villainous.

    Christine Dugan-IhmChristine Dugan-Ihm9 jam yang lalu
  • *thats hot thats hot*

    Dots!Dots!9 jam yang lalu
  • Came after watching movie..it's a nic movie....just trailer suck

  • I just watched this and couldn’t help but cry at the end.. I am soooo in love with Mena now!! Definitely better than Beauty and the Beast.. 9/10 💕

    Rie ZaRie Za10 jam yang lalu
  • Watched it last night... I went in with extremely low expectations based on the trailer... And the movie was definitely a lot worse than you could gather from the trailer... I'm apparently in the minority in these comments but there was so much wrong in this movie, I'm not sure how anyone could want to possibly watch it again... I'm so glad I have AMC A-List and didn't actually pay to see this movie...

    Roberto Mezquia JrRoberto Mezquia Jr10 jam yang lalu
    • It depends on what you look in the movie.. if you want nostalgia and bring your childhood back with those classic Aladdin songs then this defiantly exceeds our expectations.. it sure as hell beats beauty and the beast. Acting, and Production wise it could of been better.. so it really depends on what you look for this movie.. which is the reason why this by far as of this year is the most mixed reviews film. Some Like it some hate it’s like literally 50/50

      MS 1997MS 199710 jam yang lalu
  • Bru 2 hari sdh tyang, esk harinya langsung nonton. Mantul sangad😊😍 jumat tayang, minggu dh nonton. Jdi gk ketinggalan😍🤩😜

    siti rofiqohsiti rofiqoh10 jam yang lalu
  • Eu só falo português

    Roberto JoseRoberto Jose10 jam yang lalu
  • Good Jinn ever!!! ^_^

    Denis NevzenDenis Nevzen10 jam yang lalu
  • My personal view, this movie insult other faith, culture & language at its best. 1. Aladdin = middle east story/culture to teach us, that we are not alone, God made another creation called "Jinn", just like us "Human" but they are invisible for most human eyes, except for some people.. They can do many things, but don't worship them or ask for something.. and this movie teach Millennial to worship Jinn is normal human activity?.. because worshiping Jinn are so bad and costly, it could cost your life or your bloodline/child/grand child life, in Islam worshiping them are mostly big sin, exception for special cases like what happen to Prophet Sulaiman (western : Solomon).. and also, plotting Aladdin character as a thief. 2. Sultan = Word its self taken from Quran, mean God give specified person more power, knowledge, wisdom & other physic/non physical capabilities that make him so special than ordinary person, this happen to someone triggered by / because of his good heart & faith to God, thus God make him leader.. but this movie, use sultan to represent worse villain character, so its 100% flipped from original meaning. 3. Middle east origin but its normal for princess to fall in love with criminal?? and kissing in public before marriage?? is that make sense to you?... etc.

    Jati MywJati Myw11 jam yang lalu
    • Jati Myw kk dude okay chill the f out

      Reynaldo WahjudiReynaldo Wahjudi9 jam yang lalu
  • Gaseru Tapi boong

    Naufal GeoNaufal Geo11 jam yang lalu
Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!