I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?

I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money? These Xbox One S and X consoles came from a liquidation company. I'm hoping to be able to make money off this salvage lot but there are several problems with Xboxes that I've never been able to fix so wish me luck!
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About This Video: Xbox One S and X consoles are usually not too hard to fix. That being said there are several problems that they have that I've never been able to figure out how to fix. I took a chance and bought 18 broken Xboxes from a salvage liquidation company to see if I could fix them and it I could make money on them.

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  • How many do you think I can fix?

    TronicsFixTronicsFixBulan Yang lalu
    • You can fix all the consoles

      Shehroz ShoukatShehroz Shoukat11 jam yang lalu
    • 19

      meem 69meem 6923 jam yang lalu
    • None

      Casanova FrankensteinCasanova FrankensteinHari Yang lalu
    • im the 300th reply

      RPC NATIONRPC NATIONHari Yang lalu
    • a genius like you can fix them all peasy easy :)

      Younes KeraressiYounes KeraressiHari Yang lalu
  • OnePlus owns the display!!!!!!!!

    Scott OsowskiScott Osowski3 jam yang lalu
  • You could be a good dentist, for robots.

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  • How do you end up with a game console with missing parts?

    Junior MynosJunior Mynos4 jam yang lalu
  • this video is being reccomended to me for the past 2 weeks now. i have never clicked it. never watched this guy's video's. I dont own or am interested in anything related to consoles. i just clicked it now to dislike it and make effort to stop this from showing up ever again. /rage off

    MisterEMisterE5 jam yang lalu
  • Wow you are very smart can’t you fix my Xbox pls

    Team Red knight 2.0Team Red knight 2.05 jam yang lalu
  • I make around 500 dollars a year just cleaning my friends ps4's and Xbox's. Around 6 friends and they clean 2-3 times a year. They pay me what they can. Pretty good side job if you know what you're doing. Also xbox's break way faster than the ps4

    Bubby MeidingerBubby Meidinger5 jam yang lalu
  • not only does this nigha put way too much thermal paste on but instead of the center he puts it on the edge of the chip where its gonna instantly overflow onto the motherboard.

    Austin VAustin V6 jam yang lalu
  • 18 broken Xbox Ones* Be more specific. I thought I was gonna see some reverse-RROD'ing of 360s included or something.

    BowlUndrFireBowlUndrFire6 jam yang lalu
  • me: my xbox one is broken : person: what is wrong with it ? you : it needs an update

    jack Hambrickjack Hambrick8 jam yang lalu
  • I really really love these fixing series as I am usually the one who breaks em so thanks buddy

    Peace SubmissionPeace Submission8 jam yang lalu
  • 12:50 there will be a huge bubble of air and it will be worser coling then ever

    sparky xsparky x8 jam yang lalu
  • loser

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  • Bro, I just tear them up and take the hard deive for my pc 😂

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  • At 5:14 that asmr hit me

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  • How much for one? I'll buy one.

    FlakFlak9 jam yang lalu
  • Some dumb ass old dad probably got rid of his xbox cause it needed an update.

    P.ointless C.ombat P.odcastP.ointless C.ombat P.odcast10 jam yang lalu
  • WTF!!!

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  • I am so hypnotized. Please fix something more

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  • I got my ps4 repaired twice for no signal problem. HDMI port is good but not displaying on screen . Should i scrap my ps4 console ?

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  • Awesome video bro. You should really try opening a repair shop. I think you would be great.

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  • I didn't see the *sarcasm about the thermal paste and I was kinda getting mad

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  • I don't even own an Xbox, but it still is fasinating to see!

    Richards GameplayRichards Gameplay11 jam yang lalu
  • The title is redundant. We know the box is broken, its called an Ex-Box

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  • when you plug something in that you think might short or catch fire it is best to plug it into a switch or one of those cheap extenders that have a switch and use the switch to turn on the device. Faster to turn off and avoids any injury

    Cameron PaczekCameron Paczek12 jam yang lalu
  • What was rattling in 2nd xbox???

    Richard RicoRichard Rico12 jam yang lalu
  • That's too much paste!! Or too little...I don't know at this point...I am only sure that you're WRONG

    SmartWarpSmartWarp13 jam yang lalu
  • 4:15 Sbeve, you're doing it wrong...You DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!! YOU'RE a MORON

    SmartWarpSmartWarp13 jam yang lalu
  • He didn’t plug the game up

    calpo gamercalpo gamer13 jam yang lalu
  • First video to see of yours, enjoyable! You may have already had this comment; however, I'm putting this out there. Number 6, you used Number 5's power supply, but number 5 was reported not to have power, so it could just be a faulty power supply?

    T BuddT Budd13 jam yang lalu
  • man. i dont know about electronic stuff. you just scratch the board, painting with some green water, and its worked eh???

    mnemonic brianmnemonic brian15 jam yang lalu
  • I'm not even interested in such stuff but somehow this guy made this really enjoyable to watch.

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  • Can’t he;p but like. Good random video.

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  • Me after watching this vid “mom can I buy 18 xboxes?) *mom* ( um ok?)

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  • 25:16 I think there is a push, definitely within the EU, to legally mandate things like schematic release to allow devices to be fixed. We'll see how that goes.

    Sir Circus CattleSir Circus Cattle18 jam yang lalu
  • 10:25: i would say it's toast :) enjoyed the vid, thx. p.s.: metal for metal, plastic for plastic (lil hint for future "cracking")

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  • This was oddly satisfying... I should really sleep though.

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  • metal tools ruin plastic. Plastic pry tools only!

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  • exelent video cant believe i saw the whole thing

    Anime FutureAnime Future22 jam yang lalu
  • with all the time you put to repair those , i dont think its worth it. you have to consider also that you wont sell them for much even if you finally repair them. i saw a brand new xbox one s sold for 200 with games and everything. if u paid 60$ and sold it maybe like 150 , even if u fix half of those xbox , you dont make much money at all. you also get the problem of selling them which is not always easy. on ebay for example , theres some chances that an idiot will claim to return and you get into problems. i would not even think about buying a scrap system to repair it like you did.

    ericeric22 jam yang lalu
  • I swear I thought number 4 was a spider. I would have laughed because someone had to buy a new Xbox because a spider crawled in it.

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  • So my house burnt down and my xbox case melted but it still works. Except I had to take apart and clean, and i had to cut around melted disc drive. I need a case...

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  • Not dusty at all. Probably had little use.

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  • Is that gold foil at 8:12?

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  • Congrats on the viral video, amazing it's blasting off like a 🚀

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  • Maniac😂

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  • Why aren't you my father

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  • How to recoup loss: Strip working hard drives and power supplies, format and sell separately. Close em back up and sell “broken Xbox” for $60

    WigoWigoHari Yang lalu
  • Reality: store price for new Xbox: 300 for broken: 199 15x199 = 2,985. Game store returns - 90% of what your selling to them and 10% to you. that said, they'll probably give you 40 - 50 dollars because game stores have swine type policies. Super Store returns - must have receipt and depends how broken the console is, to broken = no return. broken slightly = possible accepted return and refund. a game store has to give you like 40% of your money back but 60% of the return is now not yours, anymore, so its like counting from 1 to 10 without starting from 0, 1 2 3 4

    StickFiguresMasterStickFiguresMasterHari Yang lalu
  • 18 xboxes 18 naked coyboys AT THE SHOWERS AT RAM RANCH

    delire1delire1Hari Yang lalu
  • Xboxs and ps4s sell for $200 new. I really cant see any money being made from this

    bigsnake_inc-123bigsnake_inc-123Hari Yang lalu
  • that one guy on ID-vision buys apple schematics online. I'm sure you could find a schematic. tpb. p.s. Louis Rossman. he's bad ass.

    Age of ReasonAge of ReasonHari Yang lalu
  • dont expect that thermal paste to spread itself, spread it out man

    Alexaner WallsAlexaner WallsHari Yang lalu
  • How to prevent catastrophic X-Box failure/s; buy a damn Playstation. The 360 had it's notorious Red Ring of Death and now Microsoft is selling "next gen" consoles with faulty motherboards. It pains me to say it but "buy American" scares me these days. Japan seems to be doing very well on their craftsmanship. This is extremely disappointing... : /

    Sigma XIIISigma XIIIHari Yang lalu
  • Please fix my xbox

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  • so you are telling me some idiot sold there xbox for $60 because they weren't connected to the internet. Yikes boys.

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  • my brother bought 160 of them. Yep, I can't wait to see how will that unfold

    Paweł KotowskiPaweł KotowskiHari Yang lalu
  • I thought Microsoft was progressive enough to let xbox's marry who ever they want. Sad it's 2019.

    John EvansJohn EvansHari Yang lalu
  • Hope your components at least have trunks on if you don't see any shorts on them...

    Ros van HRos van HHari Yang lalu
  • Microsoft wants to know your location

    Angry PotatoAngry PotatoHari Yang lalu
  • How about you do the exact same thing with PlayStation 4

    Matthew CaruanaMatthew CaruanaHari Yang lalu
    • I will be

      TronicsFixTronicsFixHari Yang lalu
  • what is the pencil/tool you use? looks clean

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  • Thanks for not making me watch the screwing.

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  • Wait, who'd pay $60 for a broken console?

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    • someone who wants to make profit

      NateNateHari Yang lalu
  • If they were brand new, still hard to sell that garbage console. PS4 all the way!

    Haris Dekanović - DekanHaris Dekanović - DekanHari Yang lalu
  • Microsoft makes garbage.

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  • Talks too much.

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  • and my xbox one x is broken something is wrong with the internal hdd hard drive because I turn it on and it shows system error e105 and yes i reset it but the same thing happens.

  • You are doing it all wrong lol

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  • That was way more enjoyable then it should have been. Nice work.

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    • Thanks!

      TronicsFixTronicsFixHari Yang lalu
  • Ma boi be playin r6 lika CHAMP

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  • maybe you need a DC Power supply with short-circuit protect

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  • Needs more thermal paste. 1 entire tube is for one heatsink obviously

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  • Did they come with salvage titles?

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  • @4:08 it's Stuart from mad TV

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  • 11:44 Thought my microwave was going off for a second there

    Christian DiNunzioChristian DiNunzioHari Yang lalu
  • Who here would buy an Xbox with a 1/2 inch diameter chunk taken out of the motherboard right next to the power supply? I personally wouldn't trust such a machine mainly because there's no telling why that area was removed.

    PotatOSPotatOSHari Yang lalu
  • Number 5 is not aliiiiive. Dissembled number fiiiiive!

    Jim L.Jim L.Hari Yang lalu
  • FiXbox

    IMCilonIMCilonHari Yang lalu
  • ok i clicked it now stahp it

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  • I can't be arsed to watch it all did he did them and make money?

    Dave StarDave StarHari Yang lalu
  • That was interesting that a optical drive is married to the motherboard so it won't work without the original optical drive. So why did they take out the drive in the first place? Did it work on another Xbox? Or do you think they took out parts from the optical drive to repair a broken optical drive? Either way I think it's very stupid and causes to much money to repair a Xbox if you have to replace the entire motherboard if a optical drive is broken for those that are not Official repair from Microsoft.

    Ahmad HarumanAhmad HarumanHari Yang lalu
  • OMG never realised that consoles are made by so low quality computer components.

    lordp3masterlordp3masterHari Yang lalu
    • why do you think they are so cheap compared to gaming pcs ?

      fabian vogelfabian vogel14 jam yang lalu
  • It's great watching your work. The microscope timelapse was especially nice. Thank you!

    Zen and SteelZen and SteelHari Yang lalu
  • ok youtube, i watched it, stop recommending this to me OK ?!

    Duy Nguyen VietDuy Nguyen VietHari Yang lalu
  • 3.5 million views? Yeah i think you made some money on this.

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  • 5:20 im at the dentist again...nightmares

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  • I'm just here because this just wouldn't leave my recommendations for some reason.

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  • So if an Xbox is broken. should it be called an Fbox?

    Xinus22Xinus22Hari Yang lalu
    • no

      krispkrisp13 jam yang lalu
  • Oh yeah. That totally worked.

    Ethan ArnoldEthan ArnoldHari Yang lalu
  • Personally, I prefer about 36 more atoms worth of thermal paste than you applied on that first Xbox, but whatever...

    KriliumKriliumHari Yang lalu
  • Jesus what lowly mongrel designed these things, the Feminist school of Electrical Engineering? Sandwiched layered powered rail and ground, mated disk drive and motherboard. What an unfixable piece of junk. Talk about planned obsolescence. I will never buy anything Microsoft ever again, and I used to work for Microsoft(sub contractor). I know with the original XBOX they put software limitations so that the full functionality couldn't be achieved, unless you chipped it.

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  • How do you not have a disc drive?

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  • This dude is carzy good!! Learning new stuff.👍

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  • Wait... How in the world does a cable randomly disconnect from the power supply?

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    • If you're talking about the first one, the power supply was disconnected by whoever sold it to him

      I D KI D KHari Yang lalu
  • What an absolutely fantastic idea! Broken X boxes, great idea.

    Richard GrahamRichard GrahamHari Yang lalu
I bought 18 broken Xboxes - Can I Fix Them and Make Money?