LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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Unduh video



  • no one: Not even Joyce Byers in season 3: Noah: “ArE yOu KidDiNg Me? WHeRe’S oUr SoN?”

    Jenna ThurmanJenna Thurman34 menit yang lalu
  • Noah is just teaching them games we play in Theater and I’m here for it

    Jenna ThurmanJenna Thurman35 menit yang lalu
  • Noah : I love crying.. Me: I feel u bro😭

    Ang0123Ang012358 menit yang lalu
  • *we stan improv*

    bella mawdesleybella mawdesley2 jam yang lalu
  • I like how Noah knows everything about Tom Holland probably only bc he has a big ol crush on zendaya

    CamilaChaosCamilaChaos3 jam yang lalu
  • I think Will Byers will come out as Gay

    User nameUser name8 jam yang lalu
  • I love Noah!!!!

    hi girl!hi girl!8 jam yang lalu
  • *Esmeralda* *Emma*

    0reo_kun0reo_kun9 jam yang lalu
  • noah called grayson, Ethan so many times

    0reo_kun0reo_kun9 jam yang lalu
  • I love noah

    wAsSuP WaSsUpwAsSuP WaSsUp10 jam yang lalu
  • Noahs sucha good actor

    nat Spencenat Spence10 jam yang lalu
  • 17:52 Grayson: I thought i was never gonna have a pickle again but now that it's over I'm so happy i am Noah: I love crying

    LifeWithChloeLifeWithChloe12 jam yang lalu
  • Ethan: I feel like I am sweating a little bit Grayson: your fine 😂😂

    Annie DawsonAnnie Dawson12 jam yang lalu
  • 😂

    Faith GreenFaith Green13 jam yang lalu
  • Noah: “ I LOVE crying” Noah: laughs Grayson and Ethan: becomes akward and laughs

    Faith GreenFaith Green13 jam yang lalu
  • im laughing so hard at the sad sences

    Eliza GauciEliza Gauci13 jam yang lalu
  • Emma sweats in her videos too hee hee😎

    Lily GriffithsLily Griffiths14 jam yang lalu
  • Ethan: Why’d you kiss my girl Grayson: BECAUSE SHE HAS VERY LUSCIOUS LIPS!!! Noah:😄 Me: why thank you Grayson😚

    emy acostaemy acosta14 jam yang lalu

    emy acostaemy acosta14 jam yang lalu
  • Oh no Noah lost his son like father like daughter (cause Will was kid napped then his son was)

    Matilda tankMatilda tank15 jam yang lalu
  • I’m surprised Noah know Tom holland

    Joselin RiveraJoselin Rivera15 jam yang lalu
  • nobody: literally no one: Noah: I love crying

    Victoria Catherine PowellVictoria Catherine Powell15 jam yang lalu
  • why is no one taking about 18:24

    Ayla WAyla W15 jam yang lalu

    Remi MayoRemi Mayo17 jam yang lalu
  • NOAH STOP CRYING Noah: *ok*

    AdilynplaysAdilynplays19 jam yang lalu
  • 14:27 17:28 RIP Noah’s voice crack

    kailey D’Angelokailey D’Angelo19 jam yang lalu
  • 17:56 Me everyday 😂

    Sara PayneSara Payne21 jam yang lalu
  • Did you all notice that when Noah pretends that he loses his kid he reminds me of Joyce in Stranger Things when she loses Will.

    Caroline LytleCaroline Lytle21 jam yang lalu
  • He's so good at acting I can't help but laugh at the twin's acting compared to him , it's so fun 😂😂😂👍👌🏻

    AyaAya21 jam yang lalu
  • nobody: Noah Schnapp: i LoVe CrYiNg

    Payton HopePayton Hope22 jam yang lalu
  • My names piper and I rewatched them saying my name like 5 times

    Piper DavisPiper Davis22 jam yang lalu
  • “I LoVe cRiYiNg”

    Nouf AlkabiliNouf AlkabiliHari Yang lalu
  • Haha i chipped him

    purple dogopurple dogoHari Yang lalu
  • Improv is the best part 100%

    Riley AngelRiley AngelHari Yang lalu
  • “I need someone to jump with alright!” -Grayson Dolan 2019

    Riley AngelRiley AngelHari Yang lalu
  • 10:11 that’s me and Grayson is my mom

    TodorokiTodorokiHari Yang lalu
  • 12:51 1:30

    Chanelle ArcherChanelle ArcherHari Yang lalu
  • "i love crying" - Noah Schnapp 2019

    KitKatKitKatHari Yang lalu
  • Noah is absolutely perfect 👌❤️

    Iliana VasquezIliana VasquezHari Yang lalu
  • Noah is so talented like he is only 14 and is an amazing actor. He has done a great job in Stranger Things and I absolutely love him❤️he's so cute and adorable

    Iliana VasquezIliana VasquezHari Yang lalu
  • He said Tom holland I like this guy Noah Schnapp he is cute , adorable and handsome

    Mike MartinMike MartinHari Yang lalu
  • noah was crying hahahha this is so funny

    XxDangerousWoman xXXxDangerousWoman xXHari Yang lalu
  • 17:57 same do it every night b4 bed 😁

    Breann SteadmanBreann SteadmanHari Yang lalu
  • Didn’t see this collab omg

    Ashley ClantonAshley ClantonHari Yang lalu
  • 10 MILL!!🎉🎉❤️❤️

    Ashley ClantonAshley ClantonHari Yang lalu
  • 10 MILL!!

    Ashley ClantonAshley ClantonHari Yang lalu
  • Why Do I feel like the improv conversation about food actually has happened at some point??😂

    Nori M.Nori M.Hari Yang lalu
  • Lol I’m dying their acting so sarcastic when they act that its actully funny no hate

    karina Slayskarina SlaysHari Yang lalu
  • 12:50

    karina Slayskarina SlaysHari Yang lalu

    KdjfjdjsgjsıdudşdfhxldbKdjfjdjsgjsıdudşdfhxldbHari Yang lalu
  • Noah comes in at 4:00

    Thomas the tank engineThomas the tank engineHari Yang lalu
  • My maids name is Esmeralda 😂

    Billie JoeBillie JoeHari Yang lalu
  • Am i the only one who came to the comments to see 1. If anyone is talking abt how hot Noah is Andddddd 2. Abt all of his cute voice cracks 😂

    Billie JoeBillie JoeHari Yang lalu
  • Love it 🥰

    Maria Eduarda Onofre Nere SilvaMaria Eduarda Onofre Nere SilvaHari Yang lalu
  • *IM FANGIRLING ❤️😤😍*

    r10 m0r1r10 m0r1Hari Yang lalu
  • noah : *almost dies* Grayson: let’s go mattress shopping

    Layla Rack !!Layla Rack !!Hari Yang lalu
  • Omg noah and dolan twins in one video it’s a dream come true

    Layla Rack !!Layla Rack !!Hari Yang lalu
  • "I love crying" - Noah schnapp 2019

    Josie NicholsJosie NicholsHari Yang lalu
  • no one: absolutely no one: not one single soul: Noah: I LoVe CrYiNg

    Iȥҽʅα GαɾƈιαIȥҽʅα GαɾƈιαHari Yang lalu
  • nobody: noah: i love crying!

    eryn fayeeryn fayeHari Yang lalu
  • i’m jealous of noah’s ability to come up with improv scenes so easily.

    Marzena LeydenMarzena LeydenHari Yang lalu
  • I always get teary eyed but I never actually cry or bawl my eyes out my eyes just get teary

    Tree NoodleTree NoodleHari Yang lalu
  • 13:14 marlin in finding nemo be like:

    MorganneMorganneHari Yang lalu
  • Anybody know how to get in stranger things or a tv show? Without a representation or how to get a representation

    TodorokiTodorokiHari Yang lalu
  • Noah: ok let's go try to actually act now. Dolan twins: ok let's go. Noah: *gets stuck in chair* uhh guys give me a minute okay. Dolan twins: uhh okay. Do u need help? Noah: uhh no I should be good just give me a few minutes Dolan twins: um okay? 3 hours later Noah: um okay guys u can go get someone now. Dolan twins: *have already left the building* Noah: guys? Oh god now I'm stuck here Poor Noah gets stuck in everything xD

    Lily MerkleLily MerkleHari Yang lalu
  • 12345678 12345678 12345678 146&'#&&-_;-&8 123hgfcygjugg 1234865437 1234fthgyhgjjgfty

    Zoey PerryZoey PerryHari Yang lalu
  • noah, so suddenly: i love crying

    Maiju HyvönenMaiju HyvönenHari Yang lalu
  • My grandpa was on Stranger Things

    J.REX!J.REX!Hari Yang lalu
  • Why has Noah not won like every award possible???????

    brooklynbrooklynHari Yang lalu
  • when noah said that ethan has a girlfriend and grayson kissed her i immediately thought about emma and ethan 😂

    Gosia OgrodnikGosia OgrodnikHari Yang lalu
LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp