Old rusty squeeze lighter restoration. Got FOOLED on ebay

I bought this rusty vintage Imco safety lighter on ebay. It was sold with the heavy wear and mention that flint needs changing but NO pictures or mention of the destroyed of the screw, which made it impossible for an average person to change it. I'm sure they knew what they were selling to me but I can't really complain since it made the project much more interesting. Also check out my new Instagram, I'll start posting there soon instagram.com/odd.tinkering/
I first tried to unscrew the stuck screw but it was stuck too hard and because it was made of aluminium, the screw just broke. I decided to drill a hole trough. A this point I still tried to hammer is a torx head and unscrew it for one last time but this was useless. I used the torx bit and some other screw driver bit to literally just dog out all the aluminum. It was a slow process. I spent one night just removing the screw. Eventually I got everything out. When using this drilling method it is important to be able to drill in the very middle of the screw to not damage the thread
Besides the usual disassembly, rust removal, and polishing, I changed the aluminium rivets and screw to brass ones. I've seen this made with brass parts too.This could be maybe WWII era version when they probably did changes to the materials. All the ones with brass rivets I found had brass screw on the bottom too. The original lighter was most likely nickel plated so I did that too. I tested it by wetting the parts and no rust appeared. I didn't want to make the video any longer so I am not explaining the electroplating process in detail. You can find some great tutorials here on ID-vision if you are interested. I used a Zippo screw and spring because it was a perfect fit and these lighter were sold with brass screws too. Finding/making a new aluminium screw for it would have been a mistake because then someone else would have to drill it open again in the future.
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  • You should have left the wick extended through the port and continued on with the cotton batting, THEN as a final step, cut the wick to length. This would have left the wick running through the length of the fuel chamber. By cutting it first and then adding the cotton, the wick was driven to the top of the chamber, thereby compromising it's ability to deliver fuel reliably. It shouldn't matter when it's topped off with fuel, however that might be why it doesn't light reliably. Great video, I really enjoyed it.

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Old rusty squeeze lighter restoration. Got FOOLED on ebay