TWICE「Breakthrough」Music Video

JAPAN 5th SINGLE『Breakthrough』
2019.07.24(wed) Release!
【いい音楽で一度、素晴らしいパフォーマンスで二度魅了させる】と言う意味を持つ、Asia No.1最強
7月17日(水)JAPAN 4th SINGLE『HAPPY HAPPY』(読み方:はっぴーはっぴー)は太陽と月の2つの相反する「光」をコンセプトにTWICEらしさ全開のカラフルで爽やかな夏の昼を表現した「太陽」がモチーフ。
7月24日(水)JAPAN 5th SINGLE『Breakthrough』(読み方:ぶれいくするー)はネオン輝く中で洗練されたダークの衣装を身にまとい、日本の作品として今までにないクールな夏の夜を表現した「月」がモチーフ。


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  • #getwellsoonmina How many Onces support Mina ?

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  • Japan team really amazing

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  • Do you love twice? Yes-Like No-Why not?

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  • Daebak!!!!

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  • #WeLoveYouMina We’ll wait for you #TwicexOnceForever

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  • ツウィ可愛い❤️でも、みんな可愛いなー

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  • I really like music, and the song

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  • 1 m lik3

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  • Gives me old kpop feels

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  • 今更ながら、カッコいい

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  • Where have I been, this song is so good 😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • Twice love you

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  • We love you Mina!!

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  • Playing watch the break trough

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  • Get well soon Mina!Twice always have 9 members

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  • I like Mina

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  • 827

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  • Twice Japan 4th single "Happy Happy" Oricon's Daily Single Chart: 7/17 - sold 114,905 copies 7/18 - sold 58,172 copies 7/19 - sold 22,490 copies 7/20 - sold 19,719 copies Total - sold 215,286 copies Congrats TWICE and Once !!!!!

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  • 🔴Candy pop = 1 year to reach *975k* *likes* 🔴breakthrough = 1 month to reach *975k* *likes*

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  • 트와이스 너무 많이 바꼈어요ㅠㅠ 그래도 어쩔수 없나봐요 전부예쁘다....

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  • Tzuyu,jihyo or momo?

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  • 0:43 I like this part❤

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  • Theyy all stan here😍😍

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  • Candy Pop - Sugar baby Breakthrough - Sugar Mommy Stan girls that can do both.

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  • Who miss our Penguin? Make this blue ↓

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  • Once's Princess

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  • なんかモー娘。'14みたいな曲調 やな

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  • This is thebesttttt

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  • The glorious 1m likes for this masterpiece is coming soon😆

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  • From cute to badass #GetWellSoonMina

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  • 31,805,870 Views and 974,870 Likes ONCE, Keep streaming Breakthrough. Fighting!!!

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  • "break shoe, break shoe, break shoe, break shoe"

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  • 지효가 다했네.. 매력터짐..

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  • Why they have changed their style😭 into dark. Where is the cuteness🙊

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  • Sip sip menggibah

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    • Yeah that's right hahaha for mina

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  • That Jeongyeon part at 3:16 was completely statisfying.

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  • 1M likes plz

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  • I love Dahyun's Japanese ❤️*-*❤️

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  • M ステ で ミナが出えへんかった(T_T)(T_T)

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  • Mina go where?

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  • 最初のところHAPPYHAPPYと同じ?

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  • Lagunya enk

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  • This LITERALLY killed me😍😍

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  • get well soon you

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  • この歌好き💕

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  • Wow this is chaeyoung and jungyeon's era, sexy concept. But jihyo slayed it too.

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  • I like momo and all but she has a bad secret that most people don't know about as well as nayeon

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  • I love Tzuyu.💜💜💜

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  • i dont want to put any spirits down but everytime is going through something im scared they are gonna leave the group. Like Mina right now. I really hope she gets better. We need ot9

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  • 💓

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  • 無言 YT吃掉了我的留言 代表說觀看次數也是了... 大家刷起來! 趕快讓這支MV破1億

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  • 750

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  • 1M likes before July ends❤️

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  • I wanna say 72k comments for a japanese MV is impressive. Good job ONCES!

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  • Tzuyu need practice her vocal She least talented in twice She doesn't overcome her weakness. All are slay now. Tzuyu doesn't more some

    Twice TwiceTwice Twice8 jam yang lalu
    • Em I think you might need to know TWICE more

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  • I just realised Nayeon isnt first and Mina sing a frikin chorus Yasssssssss edit: #GetWellSoonMina Bias loved!!

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  • why so many dislikes?

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    • Cuz they had their phone upside down.

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  • I only know English, so this is what I hear at 1:29: Break, Break, Breakthrough! When you're eating zucchini keep growing up! Put a nail to the future, links to the my herd, bee took a hating stop moving on, moving on!

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    • Lol, i'll never unhear it

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  • サビのところのナヨンの衣装、漫画のナナみたいで好き…(誰かわかってくれ)

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  • Get well soon minari, we miss you 🐧

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  • Minari I miss u so much😖😖😭😭

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  • Time of death 11am Cause of death 3:16

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TWICE「Breakthrough」Music Video