icd 10 code for diabetic neuropathy

icd 10 code for diabetic neuropathy
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Common Toe Deformities

Deformed toes are surprisingly common, and are most frequently caused by footwear which restricts the movement and natural alignment of the feet. Change your shoes, and your toes could well return to their former glory. This article covers the most common toe deformities including hammer toes, mallet toes, bunions and bunionettes.

Round Sole Shoes

For the past few years now, the latest footwear fad to hit the stores are round sole shoes. Also known as rocker bottom or round bottom shoes these shoes look like they are here to stay rather than being a passing fad.

Choosing a Good and Efficient Toenail Fungus Treatment

Onychomycosis is the medical term for toenail fungus. Usually this fungus is found in the toes, but can sometimes affect the fingernails as well. Unfortunately such infections are very common in today’s society, and up to 8% of adults can be affected.

Comfortable Shoes for Flat Feet

Having flat feet is a condition that you can be born with, one that can develop over time, or it can be hereditary. There are different factors that can contribute to flat feet such as standing for long periods of time, excessive strain on the arches, being obese and not wearing supportive shoes.

Protecting A Bruised Toenail

Unlike a cut or burn, bruises can be painful and hard to treat. With a cut, you simply cover with a bandage and with a burn, you treat with a cooling ointment or cream, but bruises are mostly left to heal or subside on their own.

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