type 2 diabetes: common symptoms and why they happen

a video describing the most common symptoms that are seen in type 2 diabetes and the pathophysiology behind those symptoms

A Review Of The Bario Electric Callus Remover

The main problem with calluses and corns is that they can recur. They are mostly common in ladies because they like high heel shoes that are sometimes tight. If you are frequently disturbed by these problems you need an effective method for regular removal.

Advice On Treatment For Corns On Your Feet

Corns damage the appearance of your beautiful toes. It looks like a hard bump which mostly appears on your small toe. Before a corn forms the skin on which it appears will flatten and harden.

Important Ideas On How To Remove Corns

Corns cause discomfort and pain and if they are not removed they could damage your walking style completely. Have you reached a point where you cannot tolerate a callus or a corn? Time has come for you to find out how to remove corns.

Hallux Valgus – Bunions

Bunions, also known as hallux valgus, are one of the more common foot problems that affect seniors. Some believe that years of wearing heels or other ill-fitting shoes result in the condition. Although this viewpoint holds merit, it does not tell the entire story. While certain shoe types undoubtedly exacerbate the problem, thus the reason more women suffer from the condition than men, bunions often occur because of a deformity located in the structure of the foot. At the same time, a genetic component could be attached (e.g., bunions can run in families). 

Tips for Improving Leg Health

Your legs are what carry you throughout your life. Here are some tips for improving and maintaining your leg health.

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