When to use COMBINATION CODES in ICD 10 coding

Checkout in this video when to use the combination codes in ICD 10 coding with the help of few examples.

Acoustic Shock Waves Treating Orthopedic Conditions

A recent method for using acoustic shock waves in treatment of medical conditions, focuses on an emergent technology which revolves around the commercialization of noninvasive biological response activating devices for regenerative medicine. The patent involves treatments that are characterized by acoustic shock waves that with the accurate measure of energy dose and timing can cause the stimulation of growth vectors in both bone and blood vessel formations which will accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. This can be particularly useful in the treatment of orthopedic conditions such as tendinitis (Characterized by joint inflammation…

Early Intervention For Hammer Toe Deformity Is Key!

Foot pain is a common problem among Americans. One common cause of foot pain is a hammer toe deformity. Hammer toe deformity most frequently affects the second, third or fourth toes and the have an abnormal appearance where the toe remains bent at the middle joint.

How to Spot Causes of Athlete’s Foot Symptoms

Knowing the risk factors of developing athlete’s foot would help one to know which things to avoid in order to prevent contracting the condition. This article talks about the certain risk factors associated with athlete’s foot and some methods to prevent the condition from recurring.

Reiki For Foot Pain Problems

Foot issues is something that affects many people in their life and can affect anyone at anytime in their life irrespective of gender or race and instead of using many over the counter and traditional therapies there are a few alternatives that can be considered to help resolve foot pain and bring back the balance of an active life. There are currently many different types of therapies traditional and alternative as well as complementary medicine which can be used as treatment in a non invasive way that is open for anyone to learn. In the process of learning about these…

Don’t Take Away My Heels! A Salsa Dancer’s Nightmare

A salsa dancer without her heels is like a fish without water. Unfortunately, wearing high heels can be the reason a dancer finds herself sitting on the sidelines. Read this article to find out what you can do to help prevent injury, and keep yourself on the floor!

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